Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport eyeing facial recognition technology

Russian news agency TASS reports that a pilot project at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport testing facial recognition technology to be used by the airport security and law enforcement agencies has completed.

According to the report, Anyvision technology was used. The system was installed at one of the airport’s entrances and a photo database of airport employees was compiled for testing purposes. It also performed analyses of archive video footage.

In December it was revealed that facial recognition is operational on Moscow’s municipal CCTV surveillance network and that the software can return weeks worth of video footage in 10 seconds for one individual among 10 million faces stored in the system.

About AnyVision

AnyVision, the world’s leading designer and developer for recognition platforms, was founded in 2014 solve real world problems. The company is ranked first amongst the competition for both 1:1 and 1:N face recognition by leading academic benchmarks. AnyVision has created a software technology that learns on the feed, is customizable, and runs on multiple platforms including existing CCTV infrastructure.

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