Senior Developer/Software Engineer (C++)

AnyVision, Research

About The Position


AnyVision Research UK is a world leading team of scientists and engineers that creates AI for the Real World. With deployments and clients spanning the globe, we are recognised as leaders in the fields of Face recognition, Object recognition, Object detection, and Visual Target Tracking. As we grow in scope and ambition in 2019, we invite highly motivated, world class developers/software engineers to apply to join us.

This role is to develop cutting-edge software to support the development of our state-of-the-art technology. We write platform independent frameworks and libraries that can be easily deployed on the cloud, servers, desktop and embedded devices.

We are especially interested in talking to candidates who are excited about seeing their work used to make a difference in the real-world and who have a passion for solving key challenges in areas as diverse as security, healthcare and sports analytics. At AnyVision you will have the chance to combine the best of academic research with world-changing engineering. Our team have the opportunity to publish in leading conferences, supervise doctoral-level research with our academic partners, give masterclasses in our School of AI and lead significant teams across geographical areas including London, New York, Belfast and Tel Aviv. We work with some of the biggest names in computing technology and are thought-leaders in AI for the Real World.


Essential skills and experience:

Candidates will have an excellent track record in technical leadership, and:

  1. Minimum 3 years industry experience.
  2. Excellent communication skills, especially of technical concepts/ideas
  3. >= C++11
  4. *nix
  5. CMake/Gnu Make
  6. C
  7. Git
  8. Bash
  9. Concurrency
  10. Unit testing
  11. Knowledge of good software engineering principles
  12. Strong analytical/problem solving skills
  13. Willingness to comply with company coding standards
  14. Desire to apply (and keep up to date with) best practices

Desirable skills:

  1.  Algorithm development within a research context
  2. Optimisation and real-time sensor/signal-processing within a commercial setting
  3. OpenCV and computer vision
  4. Python and/or Java
  5. Boost
  6. Android and JNI
  7. Embedded *nix
  8. Docker
  9. FFMpeg (or similar)
  10. CUDA
  11. Jira and Agile
  12. Driver/kernel development
  13. Experience of code reviews
  14. Experience of platform evaluation/datasheet review

AnyVision provides opportunity to be involved in more speculative research projects and proof of concepts, and provides a dynamic and collaborative work environment suited to driven individuals. The salary and benefits are more than competitive with industry leaders. 


Salary is negotiable and highly competitive. Additional benefits include: flexible working, including location (by agreement); a contributory pension scheme; structured annual bonus and 6 monthly performance review of salary; technical training; regular company social events and activities; private healthcare and gym membership.

More information:

You are welcome to contact us to discuss any aspects of this job specification. Please ensure you send a complete CV and 1-page cover letter outlining your suitability for the job when contacting the HR team.


The closing date for applications:

Closing date: applications accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis until 31/3/2019

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