AnyVision Revolutionizes Security in Smart Cities Using its AI-Powered Facial Recognition Platform Powered by NVIDIA

Tel Aviv – Feb 15 2018 – AnyVision today announced that it has joined NVIDIA’s Metropolis Software Partner Program (MSPP) to combine the company’s robust face and human recognition platform with the power of NVIDIA GPUs.


Today, the primary concern of the policymakers and police forces in cities worldwide is the safety of its citizens to eliminate vandalism, monitor crime, track down felons, and find missing persons. By leveraging NVIDIA technology, existing CCTV infrastructure in cities worldwide turn into a sophisticated network of smart cameras that allows real-time actionable insights with unmatched accuracy to enhance citizens’ safety.


These applications go beyond smart cities and can be applied across a wide variety of verticals to detect, track, and recognize any person of interest in a large crowd with more than 99% accuracy. AnyVision’s technology is scalable across all platforms, so cities can generate actionable insights from all the data collected while maintaining an optimal level of personal data protection.

“At AnyVision, our goal is to create a safer and more secure environment for a better tomorrow. By working with NVIDIA and applying its technology, which enables us to employ our AI algorithms into our software, we will sustain a safe, accurate, and optimized system that provides effective security measures.”

Eylon Etshtein, Co-Founder & CEO of AnyVision.

About AnyVision

AnyVision, the world’s leading designer and developer for recognition platforms, was founded in 2015 solve real world problems. The company is ranked first amongst the competition for both 1:1 and 1:N face recognition by leading academic benchmarks. AnyVision has created a software technology that learns on the feed, is customizable, and runs on multiple platforms including existing CCTV infrastructure.

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