This is the beginning of Memorial Day weekend in the United States. Americans celebrate Memorial Day to remember the people who have lost their lives in military service. Like many holidays, the true meaning is sometimes overlooked in the joy of having a day of rest and more time to be with family and friends. This will be a very different Memorial Day. Rather than freely traveling to a beach, hosting a big backyard barbeque, or just casually enjoying downtime on a Monday instead of commuting to work, many people in the US will be sheltering in place. If ever there was a time to remember and honor people who have served to protect and defend their countrymen, it’s this one.

It seems fitting to launch a video today that reflects on past challenges the world has faced that have made the world safer, stronger, and more connected by how we’ve overcome them.

AnyVision has invested a great deal of thought into our purpose as a company and how our technology can best serve humanity. A few long months ago, our vision was to boldly and aggressively apply our visual intelligence technology as far and wide as possible – and as quickly as possible – to make AI accessible to the world.

The pandemic has compelled us to reconsider how and where we can best serve our customers and humanity, and we have aligned our business around three core capabilities to enhance safety now and in the future:

Touchless access control, which eliminates the need for contact at secure points of entry by using face recognition to open doors, turnstiles and gates for authorized people.

Automated watchlist alerting, which protects perimeters and interiors and provides contact tracing by identifying persons of interest and the people with whom they have had contact.

Remote authentication and verification, which reduces digital fraud and increases the security of services delivered to personal devices by using face recognition to onboard and authenticate customers.

On Monday, all of us at AnyVision will take a moment to remember the people who have lost or dedicated their lives to the protection of others, and on this Memorial Day we will include in our thoughts the many people on the front lines of this crisis who are working to overcome it. We thank everyone who has done their part, and we have faith that the same courage and collaboration the world has mustered in past challenges will serve us in this one.