AnyVision AI Ethics

AnyVision is a leading developer of recognition platforms powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural networks.

The ethical use of Artificial Intelligence sits at the heart of everything we do at AnyVision. From designing balanced data sets and creating game-changing privacy features to supporting regulation of the entire industry.

AnyVision understands the great value and potential of its technology and systems, as well as the significant benefits they can provide to society. At the same time, we recognize that such powerful technology has the potential to be misused if placed in the wrong hands, and that we have an inherent responsibility to ensure that our technology and products are used properly.

Accordingly, AnyVision has adopted the following six principles to guide us:

  1. Fairness. Our software must be deployed in a manner that strives to treat all people fairly
  2. Transparency. We shall communicate the capabilities and limitations of our software to our respected partners and customers
  3. Accountability. We shall ensure that the operation of our software is subject to human control, specifically for uses that may affect people in consequential ways
  4. Non-discrimination. Our software must not be used for unlawful discrimination
  5. Notice and Consent. We encourage our partners and customers to provide adequate notice and secure consent in the deployment of our software, as appropriate and possible.
  6. Lawful Surveillance. We advocate for lawful surveillance and will not allow the deployment of our software in scenarios that we believe will undermine this risk.