Qualcomm to Invest in the Future of AI

SAN FRANCISCO – November 28, 2018 – Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the launch of the Qualcomm Ventures AI Fund to…

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AnyVision and Genetec Inc. Announce Partnership to Expand AI Powered Surveillance Videos

AnyVision and Genetec Inc Announce Partnership to Expand AI Powered Surveillance Videos

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AnyVision Secures $28M Series A to Lead the Global AI Industry

AnyVision, the world leader in the design and development of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, announced it has…

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Bosch Building Technologies invests in AnyVision

Bosch to acquire 9 percent stake in AnyVision Interactive Technologies Ltd. In addition to the acquisition of the stake by Bosch, the two…

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AnyVision Revolutionizes Security – Powered by NVIDIA

Tel Aviv - Feb 15 2018 - AnyVision announced today that it has joined NVIDIA’s Metropolis Software Partner Program (MSPP) to combine the…

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The IJB-A (1 to N) Face Identification Challenge Performance Report

Three IARPA Janus Benchmark A challenges are described by Klare et al. in the paper Pushing the Frontiers of Unconstrained Face Detection…

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AnyVision partnership with Nvidia

AnyVision utilizes NVidia hardware to achieve high-speed, real-time face recognition from surveillance video streams.  Our system is highly…

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Attribute-Enhanced Face Recognition with Neural Tensor Fusion Networks

Deep learning has achieved great success in face recognition, however deep-learned features still have limited invariance to strong…

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Face Recognition Using a Unified 3D Morphable Model

We address the problem of 3D-assisted 2D face recognition in scenarios when the input image is subject to degradations or exhibits…

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