Development Infrastructure Lead

AnyVision, Research · Full-time

About The Position

AnyVision is a world leading team of scientists and engineers that creates AI for the Real World. With deployments and clients spanning the globe, we are recognised as leaders in the fields of Face Recognition, Object Recognition, Object Detection, and Visual Target Tracking.

AnyVision is dedicated to providing a diverse and flexible work environment so that we can recruit and retain the best talent. 

You are:

Responsible for designing, developing, installing, configuring and maintaining an Anyvision Development Infrastructure which powers the testing pipelines of our company, providing cutting edge resource orchestration and testing capabilities to our researchers and developers across the globe.

You will:-

·        Work with senior management on the Anyvision Development Infrastructure roadmap.

·        Work with researchers and developers to understand their development needs .

·        Work with Python, Docker, Redis, docker-compose, Kubernetes, AWS and libvirt/qemu.

●     Create Makefiles and Shell scripts to aid in the spin up and tear down of infrastructure services.

●     Work with researchers and developers to help them with integration.

●     Continuously strive to improve the performance, stability and featureset of the Anyvision Development Infrastructure.

●     Ensure the Anyvision Development Infrastructure development team is operating at its potential.


●     A minimum of 3 years software development experience (Preferably in Python)

●     Ability to communicate freely in English

●     Experience working with a public cloud. Ideally AWS

·        Experience working with hypervisors. (KVM)

·        Proven experience designing and implementing software and cloud architectures

·        Solid understanding of Linux (Admin Level) and comfortable working with networks

●     Proven experience maintaining and configuring scripts (Makefiles/Shell/Python)

●     Very good understanding of docker and docker-compose

●     Proven experience working with Kubernetes


It would also be nice if: 

●     Experience with LibVirt and Qemu

●     Experience with Python

●     Experience working with PyTest, async and websockets

●     Experience with Redis, SQL Databases, Kafka, Mongo

●     Experience with Docker BuildKit

·        Experience working with GPUs

·        Solid understanding of GIT and best practices surrounding SDLC




·        No traffic & absolutely no parking problems.(Belfast)

·        Flexible working

·        Get the opportunity to work in a fast-paced global startup with an enterprise-level client portfolio. 

·        Dog-friendly office.

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London, Belfast or Israel

The closing date for applications:

7th August

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